Two Hearts

for the wellbeing of parents

For the wellbeing of parents

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Mindful Parenting

Two Hearts is an online mindful parenting programme for parents. Mindful parenting means bringing your attention and awareness to everyday interactions with your child, without judgment. In this programme, you will learn mindful parenting skills through meditation and imagination exercises. Through the practices you will learn to:

    • direct your awareness to what is happening in the present moment
    • be aware of your own thoughts and emotions
    • respond rather than react in challenging parenting situations

The Two Hearts programme is typically 6 weeks, and involves completing three online modules, home practice, and group support sessions. We carry out research linked to the programme, so that we can whether it is useful for parents and their families.


Our Team

The Two Hearts programme is led by Dr Lisa Marie Emerson at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. The team also includes international researchers, clinicians and postgraduate students who all contribute and work on the programme. The Two Hearts programme is currently only available through associated research projects. Please contact Dr Lisa Marie Emerson if you are interested to learn more.

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